Straightforward Rate

Only  €0.10 or £0.10 per English source word*: the choice is yours! Easy payment on delivery using PayPal, your credit card or an international bank transfer. And a 10% discount if you’re not in a rush.

What’s your rate?      €0.10 per English source word*
*Please note that this only applies to EN-NL translations. For NL-EN translations, the rate is €0.12 per Dutch source word.
For individuals: this includes 21% Dutch VAT;

For companies: VAT reverse charge, please supply me with your VAT nr.

Can’t I pay in £?          Yes you can.
Then it’ll be £0.10 per word. Just let me know if you’d prefer to receive your invoice in Pounds Sterling.

How do I pay?             You can pay by credit card, PayPal or banktransfers.
Just click the PayPal link in the email accompanying your translation and pay through credit card, online bank transfer, or PayPal credit. Alternatively, you may transfer the money to my Dutch bank account.

When do I pay?           Individuals – 30 days. Companies – 14 days.
Well, the easiest thing for both of us would be to just pay on receipt of your translation.  If you are not able to do so, please make sure the money reaches me within a month.

Can I get a discount? Yes. You qualify for a 10% discount if you are not in a hurry.
This means that I can set my own deadline (e.g. by the end of this month – or the next). Please mention this on initial contact.

That was great value for money! What can I do for you?
Please spread the word and recommend me to all your friends and colleagues on – or off – LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.