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I translated the Dutch website www.historische-romans.nl into English:www.historical-novel.com. Here is a sample

Original Text

Philip the Fair assigns the county of Flanders to a Frenchman instead of to a nobleman native to the county, as desired by the local people. Moreover, he keeps collecting taxes. Tradesmen and nobility unite to the cause, leading to a clash which has become known as the Battle of the Golden Spurs.

Translated Text

De Franse koning Filips de Schone neemt de Vlaamse graaf Gwijde van Dampierre en zijn zoon Robrecht de Béthune gevangen. De koning benoemt een Fransman als graaf van Vlaanderen. Bovendien blijft hij belastingen verhogen. Gezamenlijk komen ambachtslieden en adel in opstand. Het leidt tot een treffen dat onder de naam Guldensporenslag bekend is geworden.

Full translation : Wellicious_SS13_catalogue_LR (pdf)

Conti Hermenet

I translated Conti Hermenet’s bundles of Dutch esoteric poems into English.
I did the English to Dutch part of the translation of this sign-dance by tolkdido.


English to Dutch translations

For those who like it short: the Dutch and English notice for a choreography by Soosan Gilson.

And here’s a sample of the volunteer work I do: translating an (Indian) English power point presentation into Dutch and improving its contents and lay-out.


English editing

I edited the English of this academic article on the prevention of coeliac disease. This is what it looked like before editing.



Dutch editing

Some more volunteer work: I edited this Dutch booklet on Hindu teachings. Before and After.