English-Dutch translation

Dutch Direct Translation Services is the alias through which Paula van der Wal offers professional, high quality English-Dutch translation services. Working from her home in Amsterdam, Paula provides UK and US-based individuals and companies with a custom-made English-Dutch translation of their academic, creative or marketing text. Shorter texts that will not be readily accepted by translation agencies are also welcomed for English-Dutch translation. If you are looking for an easily accessible yet professional translator Dutch and a straightforward rate, you have come to the right place.

My experience includes

  • Marketing texts: websites, product descriptions, marketing guidelines and materials, press releases, corporate correspondence, CVs, whitepapers
  • Technical texts: UIs, manuals, more manuals, catalogues, quotes
  • Academic texts: academic papers, journal articles, (summaries of) BA/MA theses, PhD dissertations, research reports
  • Creative texts: short stories, blogs, reviews, poems, lyrics, magazine articles, children’s literature
  • Spiritual texts: Hinduism, esoterics, Freemasonry, theosophy, New Age

My areas of expertise include the localization of (ICT) websites and the transcreation of marketing texts. I also specialize in Eastern religious and spiritual texts. Do not hesitate to contact me with a text that is not within my direct area of expertise: I will probably be able to refer you to another high-quality translator who does specialize in the required field.
I like to constantly add to my specialties and take the time to read my way into the topic of your text. Feel free to take a look at my portfolio (upcoming) for examples of my work.

Additional language services may also be provided, e.g. improving your text (ghostwriting/copywriting), summarizing, transcribing and editing in both English and Dutch.